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The Power of a Compelling vision: The One Approach

Recently, I was thinking about one idea I recently relaunched, and I was saying to myself, Wunmi, what if no one believes or buys into this idea, Is it still worth all the work and effort? I concluded within myself that it was worth it.

Do you know why?

I have seen repeatedly more than one person believe in this vision and be blessed by it. Thinking about my experience, I sit back and take a cue from God our Father, the good shepherd, who is always willing to leave the 99 sheep to go after just one sheep that may be going astray. This tells a lot about how compelling the vision of salvation is. Worth every single soul, worth every single individual.

So for you and I, contemplating if launching the vision that God has given us will succeed or if it is worth it, then we can have a rethink and learn from our Father, by saying to ourselves;

  • Even if one person is blessed and transformed by my writing to have a mindset reset, I will put up my writings
  • Even if one person learns how to sew from my fashion training, becomes a better tailor, and uses proceeds from the business to support his/ her family, I will run that fashion training school
  • Even if one person learns from the YouTube content I put up on how to ace an interview process, utilizes the strategies I teach, and gets the job, I will put up that content


In Conclusion,

Whatever vision God has given you, keep in mind that it all begins with your faithfulness in using your skill set to bless “The One.” This oftentimes is what opens bigger doors of unlimited opportunities to us. As we go into the month of May, I encourage you to start out with that idea God has given to you because there is always someone out there who is going to be blessed by your act of obedience.

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