The Power of Choices, you’ve got a choice

Today, I am strolling in to remind you of a simple truth about the power of making  choice. I know you are aware that you have the power to change things in your life, but let’s remind ourselves of this again. 

Interestingly, we get fixed into certain kinds of relationships, environments, situations that keep disempowering us, and worst of all, make us feel incapable of breaking free from. And you know what we have been schooled/ used to doing? Complaining, hoping and wishing someday there will be a change.

But you know what?

Not until you make a conscious effort to leave, change the narrative, get tired of how things are, there will never be a change. The moment you decide to make a move, take a step, you will start experiencing freedom and living a new kind of life. 

So for you it might be that you:

  • Are tired of earning a certain amount of money
  • Are tired of being in an abusive relationship
  • Are tired of running business as usual and not making enough profit
  • Want a second degree or Third Degree
  • Want to lose significant weight and become more fit

Whatever your desire is, please make the decisive choice to do something about it. The Almighty God has given man such a unique opportunity to make choices in life. Do not ever think it is too late to make a move, change a habit, chart a new course or even achieve what you have desired for long.

In Conclusion,

I encourage you today, to make a choice to live the kind of life you desire. Try doing these:

  • Look into your life and identify what you are dissatisfied with/ about
  • Make a decisive plan on what to do to change things
  • Become conscious of what you want to change
  • Never give up on your change process

Always remember, we’ve got this one life to live on earth, it’s best we live it to the fullest.

See this short video- The Power of Choice by Tony Robbins.



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