The Power of Relationships

Earlier this week, I was listening to a Female preacher. She made a statement that got me thinking. She said, there are no self-made great men, but there are helped men. I decided to pick that statement and interpret it to my own understanding. Weighing it on all sides, I came to agree with the statement. We all are a product of receiving one form of help or the other, but not neglecting the fact that we still have to put in some form of hard work to get the best out of life.

When we were children, we relied solely on our Parents/ Guardians for food, shelter, clothes and all. They helped us to a large extent become who we are today.

Even as Adults, we sure have people we can point to that have guided, counselled and even helped us in one area or the other. Be it for a Job referral, a Customer referral, or even introduction to start up a relationship. No one is Self- made, not even the greatest of men.

As you journey through life, I encourage you to not take lightly the relationships in your life as we were created for each other. Do not walk alone, connect and build relationships with people.

I need you, you need me, we need each other.

To read more on the benefits of building relationships, please click on this link : 5 Benefits of having great friends.

Also, this Saturday  25th July, 2020, a group I belong to- The Black Professionals Prayers Network will be holding the second edition of their monthly prayers session for  Career professionals, Entrepreneurs and those in waiting for Jobs. To be a part of the session, please register through this link : Black Professionals Prayer Network.

If you need recommendations for  a good book  to read on building relationships, please check out Yourbookshopper online bookstore.

Thank you for reading this post.

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