The Principle of Now- Starting from where you are

The Principle of Now!

I want to lose 5kg in 30 days and save up 30 percent of my income.  I bet, we all have written down these kinds of goals before. But what happens after 30 days and we can’t  say so much about  achieving what we planned to do.

One of the many reasons why people  often fail on their words and on themselves is because they often lack the initial energy  to start right NOW, right from where they are. Usually, most of us are wired in a way that we often love perfection before making a move. But from experience  and reading so much about great men, I have come to realise that what helps great men achieve so much is that they prioritize Process over Perfection.

There are several  other reasons why people  often feel lethargic, laid back and unable to  make moves to achieve their goals. Some of which are:

  • Feeling it is too late to chart a new path
  • Lack of resources to make the required move
  • Inability to see beyond their current situation
  • The feeling of helplessness

But you know what?

No matter how  good these reasons may sound, they still end up as EXCUSES.  Excuses  is what gives us the feeling that every other thing is responsible  for making us who we currently are, where we are at, and ultimately what we ever achieve in terms of personal aspirations.

The Principle of Now states that: “Use what you have, from where you are, with what you can to get to where  you desire to be“. 

The honest truth  about life is that, we are born uniquely with different kind of challenges to encounter. And this means that life had its fair share to present to us at different  times.

Somedays may be smoother than others, we could have smooth moments, abundance  of resources to forge ahead, but this might not happen  all the time. And that’s  why we often need to recharge our energy and be ready to restrategize on our goals.

Sometimes, it may require taking very drastic and calculated actions, and other times, it might mean that we take a step back and rework our plans. Whatever category you may fall into, be willing to immediately set out into taking action. By doing so, you are applying  the Principle of NOW.

In Conclusion

Whatever vision, goal or dream  you have in your mind, take steps and do something about it NOW. It is never too late, as the Popular Chinese adage says – The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the second time to plant it is now.




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