The waiting season of life

I have been in several waiting seasons of life. Sometimes I ask myself, Is it okay to question God? Why does it seem like my prayers aren’t being answered, why do I have lots of unanswered questions? I will tell you the truth, these are some of the meditations of my heart at times when I am waiting on God for the fulfilment of a promise.

So when someone feels downcast around me while waiting, I can really relate. I know it is good to pray, I know patience sounds such as an easy word to say, especially when it isn’t happening in your camp. But it is one thing to know how to encourage one going through a waiting period, it is another thing to wear the shoe, waiting for the fulfilment of a promise.

Were you ever told?

That waiting for the fulfilment of a promise doesn’t diminish you. The Message translation rendition of Romans 8:24 is so interesting, it says:

”That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We, of course, don’t see what is enlarging us”

But sometimes, the waiting season isn’t fun!!!

No doubt there will be times in the waiting season when you will not understand, ohh, it will feel like nothing is working, and nothing is moving. At times like this, you would ask yourself several questions about whether or not God is still involved in your case.

But believe this…..

In the waiting season, the storm will rage, the sea will roar, but one thing will remain for sure, and that is God’s unfailing word. His word is love, and it brings comfort and healing.  At times when you don’t feel like believing again, when trusting God seems like the toughest thing to do, can you do the following?

  • Allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen your feeble knees
  • Do not be far from the place of prayers and study of God’s word
  • Cry if need be
  • Do not speak negatively about yourself or the situation
  • Don’t get MAD at God

Finally brethren,

The devil is out there to just frustrate you and make it seem like God isn’t working. His intention is always to steal, kill and destroy the joy you have. But hold on, hold, up, because that word God promised you will surely come to pass if only you faint not.

Be blessed by this song: Next in Line by Sinach


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