The Winning Mentality- Start from Now

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You sure must have heard of this phrase before, The world is fast-moving, time is running, Well, this phrase is quite correct, but can we look at it from another perspective?

Instead of trying to catch up with time, how about we invest in it, from where we currently are and with what we have?  Why dont we make the most of the time we have available to us, instead of always thinking that things are rather too late for us to start?

I heard the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of  KFC, how that he began KFC at the age of 65! At that age, he still thought it possible to venture into something and become successful at it.


Here is what I am saying

Instead of getting discouraged that you havent achieved the things you desire at a certain age, time, why not pick up from where you are NOW and make moves with faith in your heart. The winning mentality is to act like your time starts NOW.

Finally, do not be under unnecessary pressure to catch up with time. Instead, invest in it wisely by taking one step after the other. 

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Joyce Olawunmi 

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