The Woman of My Dreams

The woman of my dreams
I know you have dreams, aspirations and goals
And your focus is one
To become all there is to you

The woman of my dreams
On some days, it is cramps, other days it is mood swing
I know you and I feel you
Even if everyone wonders the who you are

The woman of my dreams
You have found solace in the immaterial
Alone you plough this route
To keep the fire burning

The woman of my dreams
An admire to all and more
But little is told, of the many times you wished you were in another’s skin

The woman of my dreams
The expectations on you is enormous
Juggling to keep your life and others in place
Little wonder, the world gives you a name
The Super woman they call you

The woman of my dreams
An embodiment of wisdom
Sometimes you speak your heart the loudest
Other times, your midnight cry says it all
But with each new day to you
Comes a new wave of energy

The woman of my dreams
You have learnt to be diligent
Working with your might and strength
And so, you are beautifully clothed
With self discipline as a pearl bead fit around your neck

But dear woman of my dreams
Even when you don’t get to smash that goal as you want
And meet up to your own expectations
Don’t ever think less of yourself

For there is still so much to learn on this journey
So pick each day of your life
As an opportunity to learn a lesson or two

It is alright not to have it all figured out
I know you feel weak and alone sometimes
But never for once think
That this YOU is the worst on earth to have ever lived

And whilst it seems you are still afar off from achieving your dreams
Keep paddling your boat to ride
To conquer and gain more grounds
Because this life you have been called to live is a gift, a responsibility and an opportunity to keep giving

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Joyce Olawunmi

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