This is what growth truly means to me

This is what growth truly means to me. I remember when I put up a similar post on Bellanaija , I basically shared on breaking certain self-limiting mindsets to enable you to grow. But what I have come to realise afterwards is that viewing growth as just breaking self-limiting mindset is only a one-sided approach to growth. Hence I have decided to share another perspective to what growth truly means.

I remember having a conversation with a friend, and we both were analysing our personal growth in the year 2019. It became very obvious to us that it wasn’t like we didn’t do stuff with our lives in 2019,  but what we were doing was the same old stuff, we were comfortable at doing, and didn’t reach for things bigger than us. And hence, we couldn’t categorically say we had grown in certain areas of our lives. After our discussion, I realised that what growth truly meant,  was we out doing what we had done the previous year.

Let me share this  personal story with you

I remember starting the year 2019 on a very high note and setting goals in key areas of my life that I wanted to grow and achieve certain things. But in all my planning, I left out one very vital part as I focused on only areas I knew I could easily achieve my set goals. And here I am at the end of the year, deficient of growth in that area. Reflecting on this area of my life, I have learned that a strategic growth plan is one that encompasses all areas of your life, leaving none untouched.

And hence to significantly truly grow in all areas of your life, I will recommend you to do the following:

  1. List out all areas of your life that you want to grow.  This could be areas such as Spiritual, Emotional, Career, Self-development, Finance etc
  2. Set out a very specific goal that you want to achieve in these areas. Don’t set goals that you know you can easily achieve, rather set things that are way beyond your natural capabilities. This will help challenge and outdo your self to achieve these things. And when you do, you will grow significantly.
  3. Get an Accountability partner. See I am a big fan of getting systems to support my growth. What growth truly means is that you are not just playing alone, but you are accountable to people who challenge and help you to grow.

In Conclusion

The year 2020 is a big year for growth and achieving great stuff. But remember, growth will only happen to those who intentionally put in the effort and time to doing so.

If you need an accountability partner to help you grow significantly in the year 2020, please send me a mail: I would be glad to be of help.



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