Today, declutter your mind

One of the greatest things I am learning to do these days is to let go of old self limiting habits and engage new ones. Interestingly, the title of this post was inspired from the day 3 podcast of Activation Intensive (If you want to learn more about what Activation Intensive is, click on this link).

So one of the things super Coach DDK said to us at Activation Intensive is the need to declutter our mind. I  found this statement so profound as most of us have unconsciously stored up baggages in our minds over the years.

These baggages could be wrong mindset, belief system and even things that our environment has infused into us.

And you know what?

These things occupy useful space in our minds that would have been used for some other  meaningful stuff.

For a lot of people, their mind is overly so busy, running like a computer server plugged to constant power. They allow their minds think of any and everything… The good, bad and ugly.

This ought not to be so…

The mind is a powerful tool we all have as humans  and hence caring for it should always be a top priority to us.

Many a times, people don’t realise how much it is their responsibility to keep their minds clean for their own sanity and that of others. And hence, they often find themselves dragging along through life like sacks of dirt being towed away by a refuse truck.

Decluttering your mind is a duty you should engage in very regularly !!

There are many signs that would mean that you need to declutter your mind. Some of which are:

  1. Lack of interest in things you usually love doing
  2. Unusual fatigue
  3. Body tiredness
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Change of habit

This list is endless and vary from individual to individual. But  the bottom line is, most people don’t often connect these lethargic feelings to meaning that they have to declutter their mind.

I have learned from research and experience  that the events of our lives is greatly dependent on the disposition of our  minds per time.

Furthermore, I have also learned something from great people powering strong with their vision, who seem to be winning on different fonts of life. They understand the power of their minds and how they must take charge and guard the kind of things they allow there.

Let me break this down further

As you journey through life, it is not everything you should allow to take residence in your mind. Things such as envy, jealousy, hatred, should not be stored in your mind. These things will not only occupy useful space in your mind but also deter you from moving forward.

In Conlcusion,

Your mind is a powerhouse and toolkit  given to you by God. It is only by engaging and using this kit rightly that you will be able to maximise your potential and live out your best life.

Raid through your mind, sanitize it, identify the things that needs to go, clear them out, declutter your mind and allow new light gain entrance and space into your life.




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