Today, live life on your own terms

live life on your own terms
live life on your own terms

Do you know what it means to live life on your own terms? Well, that’s what this post is about on this Monday morning.

To live life on your own terms means to dictate and live by rules you so set for yourself. Living life on your terms means playing by the so defined rules you set for yourself. This also means that not living your life according to how others dictate or think it should be lived.

Why is it important to live life on your own terms

Truthfully speaking, life is tough, and it’s only the tougher ones that will survive the hassles and puzzles of life. Why most people seem to be overwhelmed in life, is simply because they do not yet understand the dynamics of living their own life. They rather just play by no or any rule. And hence, they never seem to get ahead to live their dreams.

A lot of times, the reason why some people never get to live their own life, is the self-imposed barriers they place on themselves usually borrowed from others. The ‘’Do’s and Don’t, that will get them nowhere.


These things can help you live life on your terms

Understand Yourself

The best way to discover a life model that works for you is for you to first understand yourself. Do you know who you are? Do you know what you can and can’t do? Then you should take the time to discover who you truly are. 

Be Your Own Person

This statement was said by one of my mentors. She says, ”be your own self”. This is so true as she lives life on her own terms. To be your own person, you need to be your own self by living your own life, not photocopy!!

Embrace and Appreciate Your Uniqueness

You know a lot of times, it is quite easy to see others personality type and often want to pattern your life after theirs! This shouldn’t be so. To live life on your own terms, you need to embrace and appreciate your uniqueness.

Work On Your Weak Areas

Every now and then, it is good to identify certain weaknesses we have as humans. This is not to pull us down, but to point out our attention to those areas that should be worked on. If you truly want to live life on your own terms, then identify and work on areas of your weaknesses.

Be Open To Change

Having recognised what your weaknesses are, it is good to be open to making the necessary adjustments by changing them. A lot of times, people know what needs to be changed, but they often are not willing to make the necessary changesTo live life on your terms, you need to be open to making any form of changes required of you.


In Conclusion

This life we live in is a journey, full of adventure and exploration. Even as you explore living, ensure you are living life on your own terms, as that is the best kind of life to live.


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