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Today, start with what you have!!!

start with what you have
start with what you have

A lot of times, when we hear the phrase – start with what you have, we often want to think, what really do I have? I have often thought of this severally too. I have written a  lot on how I found my voice, and talent to be writing: You can click here to read my stories. This might not seem so much as a big deal to talk about right now, but I know how much I struggled to do this.  I often heard; start with what you have, but it just didn’t make sense to me. Well, I am telling a different story today.

As I sit to write this post, I am still contemplating whether or not the time is ripe to talk about my venture into a new business. But on second thought, I think I should. Just last week, I started an online business, to sell books. I know you might be wondering why on earth I chose to do this type of business. Well, that’s a story for another day.

As at when I wanted to start the business, I thought severely of all the logistics involved in running the business. oo, it felt so much and I didn’t have all the requirement.

I had to make a decision

Looking at what I had, I needed to decide whether or not to start with what I had or wait until I felt I was ready. But I chose the former. I started the business as a newbie, and no doubt, there are still so many things I do not yet know about running the business. But I am glad I have taken off. To be sincere, I still feel a little rumbling in my stomach, and I am asking myself if I am making the right moves…

But regardless of how I feel, I have learned the following things about starting out the business:

  1. To make a bold step, first, start out with what you have.
  2. You always don’t need to have everything figured out before making a move.
  3. Do what needs to be done, even if it means AFRAID.


I trust that this post has inspired you to start that vision, idea, the dream you have. If you need to speak to me privately about this topic, please send me a mail: I am open for talks…



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  • It’s a common mistake to look at what you have and to think that you have nothing but real achievement starts with being grateful for what you have together with great visions of the future…hope that makes sense

    • I agree with you Petri. Be grateful for what you have and make good projection for the future.

      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment

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