Today, train your mind to think possibilities

train your mind to thinking possibilities
train your mind to thinking possibilities

Today, train your mind to think possibilities.

I will tell you exactly what inspired this post. As a writer, I have come to know that the best way to write genuine contents is to be inspired before writing anything down. This is the same with all the post I put up on my blog, something has to trigger the thoughts in me for each post.

I remember over the weekend, I held a Writer’s Workshop, and one of the things I emphasised during the workshop was getting inspiration to write consistently. You can still get the lesson notes of what I shared, simply click here.

So now, what inspired this post?

As I sat on my chair at the office today, I wanted to put up a post on how to train your mind to think possibilities. I searched through my blog article archives, I searched for keywords, but I couldn’t get the post.

In my mind, I did think that I had written a post like that before, but I just couldn’t find it. This reminds me of my blue dress experience.

So I thought, instead of doing an endless search, why don’t I just write a new article? So I yielded to the thought and promptings of my heart to put up this post and here we are!!!

I believe that success doesn’t happen by chance, neither does failure too. Something has to spark it up. This post talks about one of the triggers of success, thinking possibilites, so I will talk more on this instead.

A lot of times, people think that all you have to do is work hard to achieve a goal. But I bet that the hard work for achieving any goal starts with having the POSSIBILITY MINDSETI can tell you from experience that most of the things I ever achieved in my few years on earth have been a result of me thinking they can be done.

Practically, in this post, I will share 3 ways on how to train your mind to think possibilities:

Be exposed to new things

This is very true. You know this saying”, ”what you don’t know, you cannot get”. Many times, what stops people from achieving their dreams, is that they have never seen that type of thing done before. This is usually as a result of not being exposed to certain things.

Let me break this a little further. If you grew up in an environment where you were never opportune to hearing and seeing certain things such as electric powered railway system,  you will never believe things like that exists.

Consciously have personal vision projection sessions

I do this a lot. I visualise the kind of things I want to achieve. You can do the same too. Those quiet alone moments of your life, do you use your mind effectively well? What are the kind of thoughts that runs through your mind? Hey, one of the best things to do when you are alone is to begin to think your way forward, think of that person you truly want to becomeProject forward, think wide, think big.

Feed your mind with the right stuff

Yes, this sounds, more like the first one. But it actually is different. Let me tell you a story..

When I was much younger, my dad took my siblings and me to a very big supermarket in Lagos state. We went there to feed our eyes aka Window shop. Although didn’t buy anything there that day, we were inspired about enjoying the best things in life.

Sincerely, to train your mind to thinking possibilities, you need to feed your mind with the right things. Dont leave it vacant, read inspiring books, visit new places, talk to people who will inspire you to greatness, build a good relationship with people. Blow your mind up!!

In Conclusion

The mind is the most powerful tool you have here on earth. Always remember, by using it rightly, there is nothing you cannot achieve. And just as Ben Carsons’ book says – THINK BIG.

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