True Love is Pure

True Love is Pure
True Love is Pure

True Love is Pure
The sight you can’t deny
When a loved one you behold
You need not be told
That what you feel is love
One sent from above

True Love is Pure
It’s not about your do’s and don’t
If one truly loves
It takes no account of wrongs done to it

True love is Pure
It’s not worked for nor earned
It goes beyond a feeling to feel
It’s deep-rooted even in the deepest of hearts

True Love is Pure
I have tasted of it not a few times
Sometimes it feels like good old days memories
But I know it always stares me in my very eyes

True  love is pure
It’s self-giving and self-loving
When you have one who gives this without a thought
Please guard jealously around your heart forever

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Joyce Olawunmi

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