Waiting on God for a miracle? please read this

There are days when we ask God very sincere questions like- God, what are you doing? We don’t mean to be rude, but we need answers to Life’s  questions.

Life questions our faith, situations tell us we aren’t moving, we look at others and they seem to be somewhat better than us. We aren’t trying to compare ourselves, but we just want this miracle.

Just this one child
Just this dream job
Just this spouse to keep

The desire is personal and sits deep within our heart.

I want a miracle, that’s all we ask for. We know there is a waiting to do, but we don’t know how long it will take.

We hear of Father Abraham, Hannah and even Elizabeth. We know they did wait and got a miracle. But this our simple request shouldn’t take so much time we presume.


This is what life hands over to us, each and everyone has got a package.  But one thing clearly remains sure:

That even when the storms rage

And the oceans roar

The Love of the recklessly loving father, whose arms are wide open will forever be there to keep us through the sail.

If you are waiting on God for a miracle, and you have unanswered questions in your heart, please read these encouraging posts: Seeing I go Childless,The Waiting Season of Life and listen to this song Next In Line by Sinach.


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