What if it isn’t true?

What if it isn’t true
That you aren’t as smart as you have always thought
And that you cannot achieve that big dream
You see burning in your heart, night and day

What if it isn’t true
That there are limitations on the way
And some scary lions out there
Just waiting to bite out the vision in your heart

What if it isn’t true
That you have to wait another day
For another person, another friend
To believe in the reality of that vision you have
Just before you launch out into the deep

What if it isn’t true
That since no one has threaded this path
You cannot be the first to go this way
Even if it seems there are no clear roads
But there sure will lead a safe landing

What if it is just your imagination
Telling you, you can’t move an inch further
Climb a step higher, to reach the sky you see in your dreams

If I told you that
You are born, not just by mere coincidence
Or a mutual infatuation of two love birds
Under some apple, orange, mango tree
But for definiteness of purpose
Known in the heart of your creator alone
But to be revealed in due time

I can tell you this for free
The several voices of doubt and despair
You keep hearing
That keeps questioning your existence
And asking, if ever you will amount to anything in life is all a lie
And big scam of the devil

I also can tell you this
That those tiny daily actions you are taking
That seems like nothing
Are all summing up
To fit into a big shoe you will wear someday

If this then is true
That you are made for so much more than the eyes can see for now
And that the truth you believe of yourself
Will be the most eventual outcome of your life
Then why not shut out the naysayers
And those thoughts that keep fighting to gain preeminence
Over your mind and the supremacy of your being

But rather,
Choose to live your life
In the fullness of existence
Just as your creator originally destined it to be

About the author

Joyce Olawunmi

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