What really matters; taking the first steps written by Okediran Adeyemi

striving for excellence
striving for excellence

Recently, I saw a video of a young boy of about 6 years old going viral on social media, and that has inspired me to write this post.  makes me come up with this article.

The video content is about a boy who told his father he couldn’t swim, but on getting to a river, the father threw him into it.  The boy kept shouting and at the same time struggling to survive while in the water, he tried to keep his head up till he reached the other side of the river. On getting there, he was so excited.

The mother who was initially feeling peevish about the whole scenario was curious to know how the boy got to the other to the river  without drowning. Her boy couldn’t swim, so how come he didn’t drown when pushed in?


He loved his life so much and choose to do all he could to survive!

This is a practical scenario of what happens in the life of many people. We are often glued to a particular spot, because of the fear on how to navigate to the other side beclouds and dis empowers us from moving. It could also be that we allow people and situations tell us lies, and make us think less of ourselves.


As humans, we will all face challenges in life but our ability to effectively analyze, deal with and navigate through such challenges is what will eventually make us  survivors.

Many times we are scared on embarking on a particular journey thinking we might not sail through if we ever make the first step. It could be the idea of raising funds to start a business  but the thought of loan, bankruptcy, etc might make us just us stay back.

But if we ever get to take that one step, we’ll sail through because we’ve got the potentials, ability, and capacity to execute them, but just that one a step might be all that is delaying us.

If you’re scared of taking that professional course just to avoid failure, take the challenge now, it might change your life for good. You’re scared of starting that business due to the fact that others have failed, take up the challenge, yours might be different, they might not have the right ‘onions’ to spice it up, you’re scared of building that broken relationship up again, make amendment today. If you’re a job seeker and have tried to get a job for some times and it’s not coming forth, rewrite that application letter, don’t let the failure of others limit you.

Final thought,

The reality here is that the faster you realized that taking the first steps on an idea is what really matters, the sooner you will realize that  you should  pick up the shattered ideas and start working on them. Those  we look up to today and aim to be like took their first steps years back, which they kept on nurturing. Those stunning girls that we always wish to have their body shape on Instagram didn’t lose weight because of Slim Tea. They got such body shape because they didn’t just determine to work out hard or eat right, they actually did the hard word required.

So today, make a decision , make a resolution with your inner mind on taking the first steps on that idea. Build up that courage and keep working towards achieving  your goals.



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