What to do when going through pain

Dear Friend,

I know everyone handles pain differently. I was hoping I could share a bit on what I learned about handling pain recently with you. Precisely, last week, I got caught up in a situation that really brought pain to my heart. For days, I was gloomy and unproductive. I knew what was wrong and needed to unburden.  I reached out to my journal and penned down how I felt. But still, the pain was there, deep within. Not until I chose a frame of mind to be at and loosened up, I didn’t experience peace.

So what I learned about Pain,

Sometimes, we shy away from admitting the fact that we have experienced pain. We often want to act all macho and move on  like there is nothing wrong. Please don’t do this to yourself. When you are going through pain, admit it, and reach out for means to deal with the pain.

If you can, try using the following means:

  • Speak to a trusted person about the pain you feel, just let it out
  • Get engaged in activities, get your mind and heart busy
  • Stay away from anything that reminds you of the pain
  • Forgive those that wronged you, and choose to be happy

I know that dealing with pain can be a very difficult thing. But I assure you that you can be healed of such pain. Whatever you have gone through or are currently going through is not enough to stop your joy or the blessings coming your way.

There is joy available for you.

Be encouraged by this soul lifting song, Lean on me by Kirk Franklin

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Thanks for reading this post

Joyce Olawunmi

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