What to do when life happens

When life happens..

Let me quickly tell you a short story. Few months ago, I was going through  a difficult time and didn’t like what I was experiencing in an area of my life. Thankfully, I had been interacting with some kind of people and resources that made me know the truth about the enormous power humans have to make a choice. Meaning that people can decide the kind of life they want to live and actually live it.  

I am not disputing the fact that life throws at us different shades of lemon, but what I am  saying is that when these lemons come, we can make lemonades out of them. Basically, this was what happened to me. With God and guided steps (from Mentors), I was able to decisively change the bad situation to a good.

The gist isn’t even about me, or the good news I got afterwards, but about how people can consciously create and change the kind of life they want to live per time

Hmm, one of the very wrong ideas sold to people is that they do not have a choice and that life just happens. My dear, life doesn’t just happen to people oo. People happen to life. And that’s why, this morning, I have just come to tell you that you really can change the quality of life you are living right now to your desired level. 


  • If you want a new job, get the right skills, and apply for jobs
  • If you want to upscale your business, quit playing small, launch forth and do big things
  • If you want to break bad habits, read, ask for help and do something about it
  • If you want to grow in your devotion with God, plan and follow a schedule that will help you do so

In Conclusion, 

The game here is that you want to change something, and YOU WILL. My friend, this life, we gotta live it to the fullest ooI have written extensively on things that can help you start living your best life. Check here and here to read them. This 8 Minutes video on investing in yourself by Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo will be a good watch for you, check it out here.



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