What to do when you don’t feel like doing something useful

don't feel like doing something
don't feel like doing something

Do you know sometimes I really don’t feel like doing something useful? I just want to sleep, wake up, eat and sleep again. I can’t even lie, sometimes, all these self-development plans, goal setting, inspiring vision, purpose and all that doesn’t just interest me. Sometimes, I I just want to lazy about and sleep all day.

Can life just be this lazy? Should we always be doing something useful? Should we always have our passion fire burning hot? Well, wishes will forever remain wishes.

But the reality of the matter is that we usually have downtimes as humans as it’s not every time we want to do something useful with our lives. This feeling I believe is common to everyone, the Songwriters, Athletes, Serial Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, Musicians, just name them.


But do they give in to that feeling all the time?

I want to believe they don’t. Because if they did, they won’t be consistently churning out ideas and achieving the great feats in life.

How does this concern you and I?

I can relate with when one does not feel like doing anything useful, and so I have decided to share 3 ways that can be helpful to get out of that zone:


This is the best therapy trust me. I know this feels like a lazy thing to do, but hey, it will work out big time.

When you don’t feel like doing anything, it may mean that your body, brain, and spirit is clamoring for some good relaxation time just before it picks up working again. So I say to you, RELAX!

Revive your Passion

Erhmm, this doesn’t look so much like action right? But this is very helpful. Look back at those things you have achieved in the past, those moments of joy after a great achievement, those things that usually fuel your passion.


It could be as simple as even snapping pictures, or looking through some old messages from a client, friend colleague or even a loved one. Just relive the past.


Yea, I like this one. When you don’t feel like doing something useful with yourself, it’s a good time to put your thinking cap on. Begin to plan, begin to think, begin to strategize. What are those ideas you have had for some time now and haven’t done anything on them? This will be a good time to start planning on what to do on them.

In Conclusion

Was this post useful to you? How best do you refire when you feel don’t feel like doing something useful? I will like to hear from you in the comment section on what helps you too.



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