Why it is important to have Self Love

It is interesting to say that despite lots of preaching on how important it is to have Self love, a lot of people still struggle with living themselves for real.

Do you know why this is so?

Most been trained and made to believe that others will forever be better than them no matter how hard they try. They always have whom they can point to that is enjoying the best kind of live they want to live or are  ot enjoying.

But Self love says that regardless of how much others look may appear more fanciful, you still should appreciate your life and love you! We all are on a  journey to becoming better individuals, and you should own your own authentic story. And even if you are going through a major challenge right now, self love makes you believe in yourself that you will eventually pull through.


Self love is also deeply rooted in the way we see ourselves or better still, our self identity. A lot of titime, people try to get their identity either from past experiences or current situations. But this can seldom give the right definition of who they truly are.

You know why?

Things change and hence won’t be the same forever. So if the estimation we have of ourselves is based on the events of our lives, then it would mean that we would have a very unstable evaluation of ourselves at every point in time.

Self-love also helps us build our self-esteem level. So many people battling with low self-esteem have deep rooted insecurity issues. And if you dug further, you will realise that they don’t  love themselves that much.

Self love considers you first, and tells you to fight for the kind of live you truly desire. It doesn’t mean that it makes you act irrational, or hurt others because you are practising self love, but it helps you hold yourself in high esteem and put in the required work required for you to grow and live your dream live.

Furthermore,  Self-love will make you open up to doing an honest evaluation of yourself and your life journey periodically. This will help you see areas that you need to work on and make the actual move to work on them.

Self-love helps you say that I am willing to become a better version of myself, and this is independent of what past praises or glories that I have experienced.

We all need to have Self love to truly become the person of our dreams. It takes a lot of hard work and willful determination to doing so.

Fianlly, these 5 ways will help you start practising the principle of Self love to your life:

1. Love yourself
2. Improve on yourself
3. Believe in yourself
4. Appreciate yourself
5. Love yourself again

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