Yes, do not be afraid to take those steps

do not be afraid
do not be afraid

Yes, do not be afraid to take those steps.

I feel so charged up to talk on this topic of  Fear because this particular emotion has held so many people bound from living their best life. So many people have allowed fear to cripple them in life, steal their joy and invariably cheat them out of enjoying life.


But how does fear come?

I believe that fear starts out firstly in the mind. It’s a MIND GAME. See, there are many voices that will always talk inside of you, either to encourage or discourage you. Fear is that discouraging voice you hear all the time. It is the familiar voice constantly asking you all the ‘’WHAT IF’’ questions about a matter and gives you the reasons why you should never take a step to launch out. Yesss, fear is the same emotion and feeling that grips you just when you take out that first step to do the seemingly impossible.

For most people, they treat this feeling of fear very casually. They consider it a normal thing that should happen, and hence they do not attack the feeling. While everyone feels afraid of one thing or the other, I bet to say that it’s our responsibility to attack it the right way.

How then should we respond to fear?

Having realized that this fear feeling is no respecter of persons, then we can and should guard ourselves in preparedness to attack it. Just know this: Fear starts in the mind.


Here are 3 ways to deal with fear:

Associate yourself with Positive People

Firstly, I will ask you, what are the kind of things you feed your mind on? Who are the kind of people you associate yourself with? Are they always fearful, pessimistic or are they the ‘’READY TO DO CHANGEMAKERS’’.

The importance of surrounding yourself with positive people is non-negotiable. You need people around you who are not afraid to dare the status quo and do the impossible.

Talk yourself up, do not be afraid

Another way to deal with fear is to talk yourself up. Yes, the kind of things you say to yourself matters a lot. You cannot be talking failure to yourself and expect to act otherwise. Also, you need to always be saying the right things to yourself. What do you see about yourself, your vision and your purpose in life? Do you see yourself as the key player in achieving your vision?

I remember posting on my Facebook wall some time ago, how to practically achieve a goal, here it is: To achieve a goal,

  1. Believe it can be done
  2. Believe it will be done
  3. Believe it will be done by you

Take Actions

The last thing to do in order not to be afraid is to apply the principle of  Taking ActionsI remember last year, when I was preparing for the Goal Setting Masterclass that held in December, My mentor said to me  ‘’Once you take this step, you will be more than empowered to take on more dreadful steps’’.

Heyyy, that was so LIBERATING to me. I am so grateful to God for the success of the Goal Setting MasterClass which held as planned, and then after the Masterclass, I was able to create the Goal Setting Workbook to help people set yearly goals. To get a free copy of the Goal Setting Workbook, Click here.

To sum it up, when you have an idea, a goal or anything you want to achieve, start to take steps immediately on them. With time, your consistent actions will silence any voice of fear that may be speaking to you.

In Conclusion

I trust you have been inspired by reading this post on- do not be afraid to take those steps.

If you will like to speak with me privately to learn more on this topic, please send me a mail:, and I would be so glad to help you with this.


Enjoy this song: No Longer Slaves to fear by Jonathan & Melissa Helser


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