They both said “Yes I Do” after exchanging vows and were pronounced husband and wife in the presence of guest and well-wishers.The highlight of the event had been reached and each guest was left to munch and drink as much as they could. Something very significant had happened between the newlyweds; they had transferred their personal belief to one another, for each to hold in truth till eternity. I stand to belief in the seriousness of exchanging vows as it must have been thoughtfully and carefully written.

So giving deeper meaning to exchanging vows, I think it’s basically transference of our belief to one another which is invariably what we do when interacting with people in the workplace, selling a product or rendering some form of service.Whatever belief we are transferring, we sure want to ensure its well served for others to perceive well of us. Am not trying to say base your belief on general opinion, definitely not everyone will buy into you or what you believe.

So with reference to the just concluded year and our interaction with people, places and event, we sure did learn certain things about our abilities, strength and weakness that either confirmed what we believed of ourselves over the years or helped form new belief in us. 2016 was ‘such a year’ for me with lots of events that taught me great lessons and shaped some of my belief system.

Well, whatever 2016 was for you, we still can sit down and do an evaluation of the lessons we learnt by answering some very sincere questions like: who am I, what truth do I stand for, what’s that valuable skill I need to work on, what are the relationships I need to strengthen and others I need to let go of, what do I need to get better at?…..the list could seem endless, but taking time to answer these few questions will help us settle our belief system in 2017 and beyond regardless of what comes our way as we would have built our system to handle success and overcome challenges along the journey of 2017 and beyond.For whoever will break new grounds, take giant strides will need to have a settled belief system as 2017 is a year full of ‘goodies’ ready to serve those who will believe in their abilities and take action.
So here’s my call to you, let’s sit and settle our belief system and not wait for an external factor to dictate our lot as we journey through the’ amazing 2017’.
From me to you, it’s a Happy New Year

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