You just might need a new perspective

You just might need a new perspective…..

Are you burned out and feel like nothing is working in your  life? Have you tried so many strategies and can’t seem to achieve your desired result? Then I can suggest that you might need a new perspective.

I am going to borrow some words from a story in the Holy Bible. A great man of faith had a promise from God that he was going to have a child. Years ran into years and still the promise wasn’t fulfilled. A time came when he had to ask God- What will you give to me seeing I go childless?

And the response he got was fantastic

His God brought him out, told him to look into the skies to count the stars. The basic thing I inferred from this statement is that his God had to help him see things in a new perspective. He needed to see differently.

How does this relate to us?

Some of us might have been going around in circles and asking so many questions. But the truth is that we just might not get the answers we need if we remained in the same space and continued seeing the same things we have always seen. The answer you need might be on the other side of where you are. How about you change your perspective? How about you change the way you do things? How about you try something new and different, How about you see that failure as an opportunity to do things in a different way?

As I conclude,  I urge you not to always be in motion with activities without thinking or doing things in retrospect.  And then, no matter how far you might seem to have gone on a journey, always find time to refresh and get a renewed perceptive to what you are doing from time to time.

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