Your thoughts are powerful, be conscious of this

Your thoughts are powerful. More than ever before, I have learned to be very conscious of my thoughts for so many reasons. First, I have learned overtime, that whatever I think on has a great influence on the kind of things that happens in my life, negative or positive. This was further reinforced in me some days ago.
I was listening to a renowned Preacher, and he spoke extensively on how powerful it is to be mindful of our thoughts as it greatly determines what we will get out of life.  What we think of per time is the very force that pulls things to or away from us. For example, if we occupy our minds with thinking that we do not deserve to e joy certain things in life, then those things will naturally not gravitate to us no matter how much labor external work we do on the outside.

Here is my gist

I remember some time ago, I had been planning on launching out a service,  but I never  paid attention to it. In-fact, no client even approached to ask even if I could offer that service, because, my mind was not thinking about it. But the moment I started actively thinking of and promoting that service, I started getting referrals, calls from clients to offer that service. So all this while, I had been cheating myself, by not being mindful of leveraging on that service to earn, even when I had the potential of doing so.

I have learned from my experience that  no matter how big your dreams are, you must always think and work towards having them materialize.

Yes, You can be great, You can land your dream Job, You can run a successful business, You can be happily married, You can marry that dream spouse, you can have what you desire. But first, you need to think of  the possibility of achieving/ owning  those things before they can ever be yours.

If you find yourself always thinking negatively of yourself, then, you first need to do a mind detox, fix your mindset, and clear out those negative thought. If you need to learn how to break self limiting thoughts, click here to read this post.

In Conclusion

I encourage not to give in to any self limiting or negative thoughts. Think of greatness, Think possibilities always.

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