Your thoughts are very powerful: Attract the things you want with them

The mind is one of the most powerful tools we have as humans  and is in no way a precious gift we have.  The mind is a force that can be used to attract the kind of things we want in life.  Albeit, a lot of times, most people are not conscious of how they utilize this tool or how the outcome of their life is directly linked to what they think on.


When you want to attract certain things into your life, it first has to preoccupy your thoughts, whereby you need to see the possibility of having/ experiencing such things into your life before it becomes a reality. Conversely, it isn’t just enough to think of what you want to attract into your life, you also need to be conscious not to allow certain kinds of thoughts into your life.


A lot of time, people are not conscious of what they think about and hence allow just anything into their space.  Recently, I came to a realisation that you have a great control over what you should think about per time. This means that when negative thoughts, self limiting thoughts cloud your mind, you have a choice to either allow them into your mind or not.


No doubt, unhealthy thoughts come to everybody but the decision to allow such thoughts brood and take fixative positions in our minds is our responsibility. So also should you not allow your mind become a dumping ground for people to dump unhealthy thoughts into it. Choose what stays and leaves your mind per time.


Another part of being conscious of your thoughts is in using it to attract things into your life.  You never really get serious about wanting something or attracting things into your life if your thoughts haven’t been fixated on it for a period of time. A lot of what we call coincidences in life are things we have subconsciously attracted into our lives prior to now through our thoughts 


For example, if you want to start doing a kind of business, and you fix your mind on the possibility of running that business over time, you will realise that every where you  go, people you talk to just in a way seem to give a pointer and provide useful information about this new business you want to start. 

Yes, your thoughts are very powerful

In Conclusion,

Do not treat the state of your mind casually by just allowing anything stay in there. You have a choice of what you should think on. Think of what you think on. Think positively, think good things and attract the kind of life you want.


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